China Grove, Texas: Quick Facts and Photos

China Grove is a small town in Caldwell County, Texas. China Grove was originally called China for the China Basket or China Spring that flowed through the town center. The name was changed to China Grove when it was incorporated in 1882 because other towns named China. Learn information about San Antonio, TX.

China Grove is a city found in Texas, United States. China Grove has a rich history and was named for the China trees that grew along its creeks. It offers many beautiful historic structures to visit, such as The Driskill Hotel, built-in 1886, and housed Theodore Roosevelt when he visited Austin. China Grove also contains an old general store (The First National Bank building) with two murals painted on the exterior walls depicting scenes from China Groves past; another interesting historical site is The Presidio County Courthouse, where Billy the Kid escaped jail twice before finally being killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett outside of Fort Sumner, New Mexico. Discover facts about Kirby, Texas: Gateway to the Devil’s Backbone.

China Grove is a great place for a weekend getaway or an afternoon drive. There are several bed and breakfasts, antique shops, and other small businesses in the area. The China Grove Independent School District serves China Grove and the surrounding communities.