RESIDENTIAL welding in san antonio

Residential Welding & Repair

Alamo City Custom Welding has the skills and experience to handle any residential welding job. Whether you need a brand new garden gate or to repair your family home’s heirloom gateway entrance, our team can handle it and then some.


Our Top-Rated Multi-Family Welding Services Include:

Gates                              –Railings

Awnings                          –Staircases

Residential Gates

Give us a call for any of the following reasons for A+ gate repair:

– Gate does not open

– Gate is making loud grinding noises

– Weld looks broken

– Gate gets stuck in the middle

– Gate is sagging or leaning

– Corrosion on the gate

– Motor on the gate operator does not respond or work

– Slide V-track needs to be replaced

– Bad hinges on swing gate 

Alamo City Custom Welding has certified technicians to provide high quality automatic gate services. Over time, gates that have not been services will start to show issues that need to be fixed to ensure a longer life period. 


Alamo City Custom Welding has qualified welders to fabricate all sorts of handrail types from standard handrails, ornamental handrails, aluminum handrails, and anything a customer can think of.

Ornamental designs come in all shapes and sizes. We have premade designs for quick and easy installation. For more options, give us a call and let us show you what we offer. After the design process is complete, we will then come and install your new balconies.

Installing railings ensure the safety of that designated area. While considering the design, we must also think of the function of balcony railing.The preferred pattern is a vertical one, as to avoid children climbing on it. The different types or railing we offer are:

-Classic Balcony Railing

-”Fake” Balcony Railing, ideal for window settings that do not open

-Modern Railing

-Contemporary Railing

-Ornamental Balcony Railing

-Living Room Railing

Residential AWNINGS


Patio Covers

Alamo City Custom Welding is your #1 welding company in San Antonio for any of your patio covers or carports. With numerous designs to choose from you can not go wrong choosing ACC to provide shade and shelter for your outdoor paradie.


Add a covered carport for your home. We are fully certified/licensed to make you a patio cover or awning that follows the compliance codes of your area.


Residential STAIRCASES

Interior staircases made by licensed experts make your home safer by ensuring an area that is potentially hazardous is made safe through the use of railings, proper materials, and flawless design. Depending on the materials used and design chosen, staircases give residential homes an opportunity to add aesthetic charm and value. Beautiful and well thought out wrought iron staircases with ornamental designs have been seen installed in a lot of new homes. For a more modern look, glass is being used as the primary material, wrapped in metal. With a wide variety to choose from, we are confident we can find and install a staircase that fits and elevates the look of your home.


Some of our popular staircase designs are:

-Straight Staircase

-L Shaped Staircase

-U Shaped Staircase

-Ornamental Design Staircase

-Custom Staircase

-Wrought Iron Staircase

-Stainless Steel Staircase


ACCW Is Rated 5 Stars On Google With Over 50+ Reviews. 

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